Ministry Teams

  Steven Lambert is a man truly after God's heart who desires to see men come into the revelation of their importance to God, their families, the church and society. He is a husband and father of two sons. Steven serves many roles at Father's House International Church, one being the leader of Authentic Manhood Men's Ministry.




  Tonyi Burress serves as the leader of Women of Purpose Women's Ministry at Father's House International Church. She is a wife and mother of two daughters and one son. Tonyi is an anointed teacher of the Word of God who has a heart to see women of all backgrounds, cultures, races, and religions break free from the lies of the enemy and memories of the past. She teaches women that they each have a God given purpose and destiny while assisting them in receiving revelation of what that purpose is and what is their destiny. Tonyi desires to see women come into their true identity in Jesus Christ so they can go out into all the world to bring change and make a difference in their homes, churches, and jobs by releasing the Love of Jesus which will "draw all men unto Him."


  Gina Brooks is a devoted wife, mother of three, and strong Prophetic voice in the Body of Christ. At the age of 19, she gave her heart to the Lord and has been serving Him ever since. Gina is the leader of PureFlow Children's Ministry at Father's House and passionately states that her heart is that all children would take by force the world for Jesus right where they are: in their families, at school, and even on the playground. Along with the teachers and volunteers of PureFlow Children's Ministry, Gina declares and decrees that, "Our children will experience a continual revealing of the Father's love as well as experience supernatural encounters with the Lord that will give them power to minister to others in a mighty way. We are raising up a new breed of revolutionaries who will take the kingdom by force and render useless the powers of darkness!"  



  Michael Perkins serves as part of the leadership team for PureFlow Student Ministries which is the youth group here at Father's House International Church. Mike's passion for youth ministry comes from Acts 2. His vision for PureFlow Student Ministries is to raise up a humble group of teens who are passionate about Jesus Christ and hungry for His presence. He desires to build a place where teens can feel safe and loved, finding healing from past hurts and freedom in Christ from sin. Michael challenges the youth to impact their culture by dying to self, becoming love, and manifesting the nature of Christ. He also desires to see each youth find their individual calling within the Body of Christ.


   Tiffany Perkins also serves as a part of the leadership team for PureFlow Student Ministries. Her heart and passion is to see each come into the revelation that they are sons and daughters of the Most High God and that absolutely nothing can separate them from His love. Tiffany, who also flows as a Prophetic psalmist, yearns to see a generation of youth between the ages of 12-18 truly come to know God on a more intimate level and to be equipped with foundational truths of the Gospel that will cause them to outgrow the sincere milk of the word and transition on to "strong meat". 



 A teacher at Graham High School in Bluefield, Va., Jason Vicars became a part of the leadership team for PureFlow Student Ministries May of 2017. As a young adult, God began to give Jason a heart for the youth and immediately open the door for him to begin to assist his former youth pastor in youth ministry. After serving in his home church, he went on to serve as youth pastor which has given him over 10 years of experience serving in Youth Ministry. He has also served in youth jail ministry where he carried the love of the Father to youth who had no hope. 



  Morgan George serves as the leader of PureVision Young Adult Ministry at Father's House International Church. He is the father of two beautiful daughters. Originally from Pikeville, KY, Morgan states one of the main reasons he has a passion for young adults is because, "This is the phase in life where the church loses a lot of people". As an anointed minister and talented musician/gospel rap artist, Morgan uses this revelation along with his music to bridge the gap between youth ministry and adult services. He teaches that we can either have a perverted vision or a PureVision. "PureVision is the name and that's also the help young adults purely see God's vision for their lives so they can give their best years to what matters most! Eccles. 12:1"



 Tionna Sunkett serves as the leader of PureLife Singles Ministry. As a single woman, Tionna desires to live a life of holiness, while keeping herself pure until she is married. She singles of all ages to get a revelation of the importance of becoming One with Christ, before and while waiting for marriage to come. Tionna states that she believes that the Lord gave her the vision to start a singles ministry where single youth and adults can come together and learn biblical truths about their true identity which is hidden in Christ then taking that revelation and applying it to their single lives. Purelife's motto is, "Blessed (anticipating God's presence, spiritually mature) are the pure in heart, (those with integrity, moral courage, and godly character), for they will see God." Matt. 5:8 AMP.